The 3×3 tournament will be in senior male and senior female categories, for over 16 years old, and in training categories for those born in the following years: From 2005 to 2010.

It is necessary a number of four players in each team, who will be able to register on-line from this website.

Places will be limited, in strict order of registration.
*Male and female professional categories, will consist of. 12 teams each
*Amateur categories, male and female, consisting of 20 teams each
Training categories will consist of 8 teams each

IMPORTANT: Allplayers in the senior professional category, in addition to their team registration, must register and register individually (in the form of a team). mandatory as it is a competition included in FIBA3x3) in through the link provided on the home page, so they can score points in the FIBA3x3 ranking.

The date of the tournament will be June 23, 2019.

There will be a slam dunk and three-pointer contest among all participants who want to sign up.

If you have any questions or would like to participate in the event as a sponsor, please contact us at the contact page.

1.- It is played in a single basket.
2.-Teams will be composed of a minimum of three players and a maximum of four players, one of whom will start as a substitute.
3 .- It will be a prerequisite for the tournament to take place, the registration of at least 8 teams in senior categories and 4 teams in training categories. In the event that any category is not held, the registration fee will be refunded.
4.- Each team must appoint a captain who will be the sole representative.
5 .- The game will be to 21 points and will have a maximum duration of 10 minuts.At the end of the time, the team that is ahead in the scoreboard will win the game.
6 .- In case the game ends in a tie, the three players who at that time are playing for each team, will have to throw a free throw each, and will win the game the team that more baskets, if once done, the tie persists will proceed to the system "sudden death" throwing each time a player and not repeating the same.
7.- Each basket is worth one point, except those made from beyond the three-point line, which will be worth 2 points in all categories.
8.- The first possession of the ball will be drawn.
9.- After each change of possession, defensive rebound or recovered ball, the ball must go beyond the three point line before scoring. If they score without going beyond the three point line, the basket will be added to the scoreboard of the opposing team and the possession will be for the same team.
10.- After each basket the ball changes possession and the game starts from behind the three point line. The team thatdefending team must NEVER touch the ball..
11.- When the ball goes out, it must be put into play from the wing.
12.- Fights always mean the possession of the ball for the defending team.
13.- Fouls shall always be taken from the touch line, starting from the sixth foul on all fouls will be sanctioned with a free throw and indistinctly of converting it or missing it, the possession will change to the opposing team.
14.-From the eighth foul (inclusive)the team will be penalized with two free throws plus possession for the team that is shooting the free throw.
15.- Players will be eliminated when committing their fifth personal foul
16.- The game may continue until one of the teams is down to a single player.
17.- Intentional fouls will not be allowed and will be penalized with a free throw and the possession of the ball to the team on which the foul falls.
18.-All fouls will be called by the players, except crosses and professional category that will be refereed by FBM referees.
19 .- No player may participate in more than one team.
20 .- Teams that are delayed more than 5 minutes of the start time of the game will be penalized.
21 .- If any member of the organization observes unsportsmanlike behavior in one or more players of a team, or in the companions of the same team, influencing the logical course of the game, may be eliminated from the competition.
22 .- The organization reserves the right to modify or extend some rules prior communication to the teams involved.
23 .- For senior professional and senior amateur categories, the minimum age to participate will be 16 years.
24 .- For the training categories, the teams may be mixed. The ages will be as follows:
- Mini Category: Year of birth. 2009/2010.
-Alevín Category: Year of birth. 2007/2008
-Infantil Category: Year of birth. 2006/2005
25 .-The competition system will be group play, first phase and single match playoffs (second phase).
26 .-If in the qualifying phase there was a tie or triple tie between several teams, the team will be classified with more points for and if the tie persists, with fewer points against.
27 .-The substitutions may be made in:
- In dead ball situations, prior to the check ball.
- The substitute will enter the game after his teammate leaves the court and establishes physical contact evella behind the line opposite the basket.
- Substitutions shall not require any action by the referee or table officials.
28.-The teams registered in the tournament give authorization and consent to the tournament event to use their personal data in compliance with the regulations of personal data protection. Your personal data will be used for our relationship and to provide you with our own services as a sporting event. Such data is necessary to relate to you and to be able to regulate and organize the practice of this sport in our own functional and territorial scope, which allows us to use your personal information within the law. Likewise, they can also be used for other activities, such as sending you advertising or promoting our activities, in which case we will ask you for the corresponding consents. Only duly authorized personnel of our entity may have knowledge of the information we request from you. Likewise, those entities that need to have access to your information so that we can provide you with our services may have knowledge of your information. Likewise, those public or private entities to which we are obliged to provide your personal information in order to comply with any law will have knowledge of your information.
There are no plans to transfer your personal information outside the European Economic Area.
We will retain your data for the duration of our relationship and for as long as we are required by law, such as Law 10/1990, of October 15, 1990, on Sport. Once the applicable legal deadlines have expired, we will proceed to securely delete them.
You can contact us at any time to find out what information we hold about you, rectify it if it is incorrect and delete it once our relationship has ended, where legally possible. You also have the right to request the transfer of your information to another entity (portability). To request any of these rights, you must make a written request to our address, along with a photocopy of your ID, so that we can
In case you understand that your rights have been disregarded by our entity, you can file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (
I consent to the use of my phone number or that of my son/daughter (in case of being a minor) so that the event or tournament 3x3Basketlife can communicate with me through the multiplatform messaging platform WhatsApp, thus improving the speed and efficiency of the different managements and communications. I also consent to the use of my image or that of my child (if a minor) for publication through social networks, internet or other advertising purposes of this tournament or event in order to publicize the entity and disseminate this or other activities of the same.
AWARDS: For all the official T-shirt of the tournament.

The champion team of each professional category, male and female, will receive a prize of 800€ 800 € and champion's cup.

The champion team of each amateur category, male and female, will receive an award of 300 € 300€.

The champion team in the training category will receive a prize of sports equipmen..

The winner of the slam dunk contest will receive an NBA team jersey of the sponsor's choice.

Registration is done on-line through this website.
IMPORTANT: players in senior professional categories, in addition to their team registration, must register and register individually (in the form of an individual registration form). mandatory) at through the link provided on the home page, in order to score points in the FIBA3x3 ranking.
DATA THAT WILL BE REQUESTED IN THE ON-LINE REGISTRATION: -Team name -Category in which it participates.
And for each of the four players:
Being Player 1, the one who will be designated as contact and team captain.
In training categories will not be necessary to put DNi, Tfno, and e-mail of the participants, it will only be mandatory for the adult who represents them.
The registration fee per team will be: Senior, professional male and female: 50 €. Senior amateur, male and female: 30 € and training categories: 20 €, and the payment will be made at the time of registration.
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Until 16.06.2019 or cover quota of teams
The event will be held at the Sports Pavilion of Daganzo Calle/ Calle Don Quijote de la Mancha, 1P, 28814 Daganzo de Arriba, Madrid (location)
The date will be June 23rd.
The schedule will be from 10 am to 6 pm
The checking of teams will be at 9:30 a.m.